Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BATC Convention 2012

I have now managed to move the DATV-Express code to my
laptop which runs 64 bit Fedora 14 Linux. So I expect to be
showing a live demo of DVB-S/S2 at the BATC Convention
on the 6/7th October. I am scheduled to give a presentation
at 14:00 UK time on the Saturday. I hope as many of you can
make it as possible, this maybe will be the first and last time
I make such a presentation in person. Luckily the whole event
is being videoed and will be available from the BATC site later.  


  1. Good to meet you on Saturday Charles and catch up with the latest on the project.
    Enjoyed your informative talk as well.
    Good to hear it is going well - look forward to the new year when perhaps the boards will be on sale. Will try and drum up some interest in the Bristol area. I hear rumours 'ZZ might be getting a digital input on 70cms for test purposes in the not too distant future.

    All the best - keep up the good work. 73. Ian

  2. Yes nice seeing you too Ian. I can't wait to get the next version of the PCB to play with! Then comes the hard part, making the SW usable by other people! I certainly talked to a lot of interesting people at the convention and it was nice to find out what others are working on and also to find out what parts of the jigsaw are required. Hope you are successful in Bristol.