Monday, 30 December 2013

DATV-Express launch delayed

We are still having software issues with DATV-Express.
Rather than release an unreliable product we have decided
to delay the launch. There are two main issues, firstly the board
does not always configure itself correctly, this can cause it to
generate either an off frequency or distorted signal and secondly
there are issues with providing an accurate PCR, this can cause
lock ups of the picture. We do not expect a launch before June 2014.

Update: The board configuration issue now seems to have been fixed.



  1. Replies
    1. Charles,
      It's just me and my first reaction. I already have my order placed. I had been hoping to get the board early January to do some testing of my receiving system for the DATV transmissions from ISS.
      Al W8KHP

    2. Hi Al, You will still get your board and you will be able to do testing with it. We are just delaying release to the general Amateur population because there are still some bugs in the software.

    3. Thanks Charles,
      Looking forward to playing around with the board.

  2. Charles,

    Thanks to all for putting the effort into this project, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.

    I may as well get in line, where can they be purchased?


  3. Hello Mike, yes this project is rapidly becoming a full time job at the moment.
    I am not too far off the initial release of software but that of course will only be
    the beginning. We are also looking at potential add ons for the board and for
    digital TV in general.

    We now have a website and order will be made through that

    - Charles